Miss Kitty Bliss
We Like Our Boys In Chastity (POV)
We Like Our Boys In Chastity (POV)

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2 beautiful Ladies tell you how much they adore locking cocks just like yours up - locking it in a cage and keeping the keys, controllers of orgasms... if you are ever allowed another one again that is! They love to wear your keys as a rather bold fashion statement... of control. All their friends know you are on lockdown and that you better not piss them off or you will be waking up with your throbbing cock gorging on your chastity device for many more mornings to come. A gesture and reminder of your constant devotion to them and every time you beg or try to escape your chastity more time gets added to your sentence. They know how your aching cock is going to explode once you get the release that only your Mistresses can give you and are allowed to relieve yourself... better hope they don't lose the keys! A man must never be allowed more freedom than he deserves. you will be placed in extended periods of chastity - prepare yourself for re-entry. If you control the cock, you control the man.