Miss Kitty Bliss
DOTF Series 1 - Episode 2 - Put To The Test
DOTF Series 1 - Episode 2 - Put To The Test

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One of our older employess hasn't been pulling his weight, maybe it's an age thing but before we put him out to pasture we decide to put him to the test. A humiliating physical feat ensues as he is made to strip and we discover he has ladies underwear under his work clothes... hardly a surprise he doesn't get much done. Whether he is compliant and completes the task depends on how much he wants to keep his job as he wonders what is going on as rope is tied around his balls and attached to one of our trailers. We have already demonstrated how easy it is to lift the trailer. Grunting and straining as he tries to lift it with his balls. Obviously he fails to raise it, so we decide to beat his bottom with our sticks instead which is just a warm up for what we have in mind for the rest of the day and before we make up our minds about his future with us.