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Miss Kitty Bliss Updates
Written on 14.05.2021 at 12:31 by Miss Kitty Bliss Updates

From the end of June I will be picking filming back up and creating as much content as possible.

Anyone who follows me on social media will likely know that just before Lockdown here in the UK I had a grave technical disaster and lost all of my clips and films in one fowl swoop which left me with no backlog to work from.

As much as I love providing POV content it's not quite the same as getting hands on!

Rest assured all my latest content will be released here along with clips that you will not find anywhere else.

Any subs, slaves, masochists, sissies or sluts interested in appearing in my clips may put themselves forward for consideration.

Lights, camera, action!

Miss Kitty Bliss Updates
Written on 08.05.2021 at 11:35 by Miss Kitty Bliss Updates

As much as I love all that BDSM encompasses I also like to administer old school discipline such as spanking and corporal punishment.

Reprimanding wayward degenerates and delinquents who require severe and strict subjugation.

Warming up bottoms with my hand until cheeks are rosy and smarting from a hard spanking to using a plethora of tools at my disposal - slipper, wooden spoon, tawse, paddle, strap and my absolute favourite the cane and for those that cannot hold their tongues a good old fashioned mouth soaping!

I particularly enjoy Head Teacher, Horrible Boss and Governess scenarios but am just as happy to don my everyday casual attire and give you a good 'going over' 

Miss Kitty Bliss Updates
Written on 28.04.2021 at 07:53 by Miss Kitty Bliss Updates

It is very hard to find a satisfactory wishlist these days so there are a number of ways you can gift Me.

First and foremost you can tribute my right here through my website by looking for the menu on the right hand side of any page or CLICK HERE

I also accept e-Gift Certificates from the following:

Honey Birdette



Westward Bound


Never Fully Dressed

Scorching North



If you would like to contribute something far more extravagant such as bespoke clothing, my travel purse and more then message me - but be aware this is not a gateway in to speak freely and waffle on about how you wish to spoil Me with no intention of doing so!

Miss Kitty Bliss Updates
Written on 21.04.2021 at 19:39 by Miss Kitty Bliss Updates

Good news!

Since the UK Lockdown restrictions have been eased for businesses (from 12th April 2021) I have now been able to reinstate my realtime sessions!

It has been a rather incredible and enduring year for so many and it is lovely to be finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

Obviously my cam work, clips and online presence as a whole will continue.